Sunday, October 23, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the bike shop

OK so last Sunday I had a few beers watching the Texans lose 14 – 29 to the Baltimore Ravens (oh come on Texans get your act together) I decided enough with the beer and chips I need to start training, that bike will not ride itself but that’s quite funny since I don’t even have a bike but at least I’m thinking about training… right?

To be honest I couldn’t really think about it for long because we had tickets to go see Idina Menzel sing with the Houston Symphonic at Jones Hall. Wow! What a fantastic show she is an amazing entertainer. Finally get home and get to bed around midnight then I can’t sleep because all I can think about it the MS 150, I fall asleep thinking about my week ahead, the training and diet plan.

Monday morning I pack my super healthy lunch - fruits, veggies, carbs and protein sounds good yeah? It was really just a sandwich, tomato and cucumber some raspberries and a yoghurt. But I have my gym gear because I’m going to do a spin class after work. Well….no, I was so tired because of my late night so I went home made dinner and lay on the sofa for the evening.

Tuesday, Tuesday will be better.


I remembered I have a night out with the girls from work because it’s half term. I feel like the world is against me! I have such a hard life, when am I going to fit in this training? I eat too much and it’s very hard not to drink when it’s happy hour. Fun night with the girlies though! I’d love to say the training was going rapidly downhill but that’d mean it have actually got up the hill this training was a nonstarter.

I have a plan for Wednesday

No, really I do.

The bike shop. I’m meeting Smug Git there after work, he is so excited, me, not so much! I’m driving home with one of my BFF’s Lesley and since I’m not meeting Smug Git for a while I go to her house.

Lesley “do you want a glass of wine”

Me “I don’t think so, I’m going to the bike shop”

Lesley “I’ll put soda in it”

Me “oh, ok then”

Lesley “do you need to be sober when you try on a bike?”

OMG! I laughed so much I nearly dropped my wine!

So I finally get to Bike Barn, Smug Git’s favorite store and as I’m walking in I feel like I’m going to the dentist. I’ve sweaty palms and a huge knot in my tummy. Anyways, the sales guy comes over tells me it’s his day off but he’ll help me anyway. Who the hell goes to work on their day off! I’ll say all the nice things about him first. Very knowledgeable young man definitely knows his stuff about bikes, very efficient, but must have left his sense of humor chained up with his bike.

I could not get this kid to crack even a smirk, nothing, he’s making this way harder than it need to be. I’m trying everything - fat jokes, old jokes, can’t ride jokes. Then - I kid you not - he gives me a lecture on being committed! Seriously he’s 16!!

Anyway he puts the bike on the stand

Me “will that hold me”

Him “oh yes Ma’am absolutely that bike is built to hold…” Ok stop right there. Ma’am. When did I get Ma’am old.

I just laugh “I meant the stand!”

Eventually we’re at the cash desk buying the fancy road bike and a helmet and I casually ask about the lycra shorts and do I have to wear them?

He says, so seriously “ they help with drag.”

I think, has he actually looked at me the whole time? And I say “Really? They’ll help with drag. For me! Unless the shorts are dragging me along I think not.” The store manages almost choked laughing. Wow, someone in the store with a sense of humor at last my job is done.

I know my training has not gone as planned but I’m now the proud owner of a shiny new bike and helmet. Bike riding here I come!

Serious bit now…

I am riding for my friend Beth Read. Beth has written a piece for me that I will share in the coming weeks but I just wanted to say a wee bit about Beth beforehand. I am very fortunate to be able to call Beth my friend, she is kind, caring and has a great sense of humor, a must if you’re a friend of mine. Beth’s MS does not hold her back from doing anything she wants. It’s because of generous people like you that Beth can continue to fight this disease. Please if you can follow this link and give a few dollars to MS it will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading see y’all next week!

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  1. So glad we had a chance to chat today! I know you will make it to Austin, and I am sure you'll have a good time along the way. I love your sense of humor and outlook on this adventure!