Sunday, April 1, 2012

For Sale: 1 Shiny New Bike

20 days to go! 1st of April today I can’t quite believe it. During the week I got word back from the doctors about my x-ray it came back with arthritis so now I have go see orthopedic guy so at least I know what is going on there and hopefully I’ll be able to get it sorted and shut the hell up about it I’m starting to annoy even myself with it.

On Thursday evening I had a wee bit of a sore throat going on but I had to just make it through school on Friday and then it was two weeks off for the Easter holiday!! Yeeha! After work Lesley, Beth and I decided to go out for one glass of wine. I thought it would help my sore throat so really it was medicinal (mistake number 1) we went to our now regular Friday haunt Brix wine bar nice place and we could sit outside and the wine is only $5 a glass for happy hour (the rest of the time it’s overpriced but happy hour is great) well you won’t be surprised when I tell you we did not just have one but you will be surprised when I tell you we did just have two. Sorry correction - I just had two I’m not even going to bother telling y’all about Lesley and Beth. Well let’s just say they left Brix and had fun! Wait what the hell just happened there? When did I become the sensible one? I went home and made myself some dinner a tiny we smart one from weight watchers (mistake number 2.)

Now I know y’all are wondering about all these mistakes just hang in there with me it will all become very clear soon enough.

After my two glasses of wine and my minuscule dinner I was still not feeling 100%, Smug Git had been away all week and had just arrived back, when I decided I should have an early night. I knew tomorrows ride would be a hard one because the weather forecast was for hot, humid but cloudy weather so off I went for an unusually early Friday night bed.

4:30am Saturday the alarm went off. Today’s ride was in Columbus, Texas about an hour and a half drive away. Gus (the perfect son) and Beth were both coming along to volunteer. Gus was, well, let’s just say a tad grumpy when he saw the time. I think he had just about 3 hours sleep by this point, he got dressed went to the car and did not say another word till about 7:30. Beth on the other hand was bright and breezy and raring to go, well at least one of us was!

I was not feeling great at all, throat still sore and I had a headache but I know once I have breakfast and set off I would be good and it would be so nice to see Gus and Beth at rest stop 2. I did not have my usual breakfast of bacon, eggs on a toasted roll given that it was still the middle of the night when we got up so I would just have to make do with a bagel and cream cheese when we got there, not the best breakfast in the world but it would just have to do.

About 8:15 the ride started and we were at the very back of the ride today but that was ok since I hate the bunched up bit at the start. My stomach is always in knots at this part but once we set off I’m good to go. As you all know or at least I think I’ve mentioned a few times the first 10 miles are kinda hard for me. I struggle to get into a good pace but usually around the ten mile mark I hit my rhythm. But not today I just can’t get it together plus there are more rolling hills but to be honest not half as bad as Chappell Hill last week but to me I feel like I’m cycling up Mount Everest. I can see them in the distance and I can see they are not too bad and I can get up them half way because of the downhill before but it takes every ounce of energy I have to get over them. I’m not quite sure how, but I make it to the first rest stop and try to eat, one good thing is I’ve drank lots of water so I’m at least not dehydrated. I look around and to my surprise lots of others are looking as bad if not worse than me I hear one guy tell his wife that he’s done, he’s going to the next rest stop and SAGing it. I am NOT going to take SAG!

We head off again and I feel a wee bit better after some food. Well if you call half a banana and some craisins food. (Another mistake!) It does not take long before I start to feel like shite again and about 500 yards from the second rest stop, half way up the hill I change gears to help me but I totally get the wrong gear and my peddles won’t turn and I just know I’m about to fall off so with a wee bit of quick thinking I head for the grass verge and jut fall over! As Smug Git says later “oh I particularly like the way you fell in the fetal position” ha bloody ha. Luckily no damage done to me or the bike but I was a bit winded and would not let SG touch me I told him to just get the bike off me and I lay on the grass for about 10 minutes. I got back on, made it to the rest stop to Gus running over to me with a big hug (god I love that boy) then of course that made me cry. It was so good to see Beth she got me a seat and brought me some food over. She really took good care of me – THANKS Beth!!! Just before we left the rest stop SG asked if I wanted to just stop there and call it a day? Oh I so wanted to but being the stubborn me I said no (last and I’m guessing biggest mistake).

Now we have 17 or 18 mile left to go to complete the 50. I have no clue where I’m going to find the energy so I decide that I’ll ride to mile 40 and make my own rest stop. Find a nice shady tree and take a break and that is exactly what we do and as we’re getting close to 40 I notice that I’m for sure not the only one that’s having a hard time. Riders I’ve seen on other rides are all having breaks. It was so hot and humid with almost no wind at some points everyone seemed to be suffering. I have never seen so many riders take SAG - every SAG wagon had riders in them. We had a rest and set off again but I know I will have to stop again and then it will be on to the end to meet up with Gus and Beth. I’ve never been so glad to get to the end of a bike ride. When we got to the park Gus came running over, took my bike and gave me another huge hug and a kiss, hug from Beth and big hug from Smug Git who told me how proud he was of me. Aww shucks so much love…….

OK I need to go home I am exhausted we get in the car and go about 5 miles.
Me “I need a plastic bag I’m going to throw up”

Everyone is scrambling to find one Gus finds it and hands it to me. Then all hell breaks loose! Everything for me goes white (I mean follow the light white) I can’t see a thing. I vomit into the bag and that is the last thing I remember until I hear Beth telling SG to pull over. I come round and there is vomit everywhere. Then to make matters worse I have to get out the car at the side of the road and strip off. Poor Gus, I think he may be scarred for life we did tell him to shut his eyes and believe me he did. As soon as I threw up I felt immediately better and to make me even better two beers and some chicken tenders and fries! Yum!

I’m thinking possibly one of the more memorable rides. Not at all sure how I’m going to do the actual MS150 now! Anyone want to buy a shiny new bike?

Serious bit…

If you have not sponsored me yet I nearly DIED! I saw the bright light!! Give me some money!!!

Thanks for reading it means the word to me that you all care.

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