Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Well hello old friends! I know it’s been a while but I have a new challenge in mind and I know I’m going to need all the support and cheerleading I can get and there’s no better way to get it than by blogging to y’all every couple of weeks. BUT don’t worry your money is safe under your mattresses and in your banks. This time I’m not looking for your hard earned cash. (Ha! I just heard a huge sigh of relief from all my friends)

First things first as you all probably know by now I did not ride in this year’s MS150 L due to my bloody hip problem, yes it still hurts but the doc has been trying some new meds and as of right now it feels like it’s helping a bit. Not a lot, I still have pain but less than before thankfully and because of this, now for the first time in a long time I think I can attempt some exercise.

So with that being said let me tell you what I’m planning - are you all ready for this? Drum roll please……… 
I am going to try, well not try, I am going to lose 50 pounds before my 50th birthday.  I know crazy right?  Thankfully my birthday is next April so that gives me 50 weeks give or take a week or two so I think it’s very doable and it’s not like I’ll be a twig insect if I lose 50 so very doable, also I have two friends who want to help me with this and as soon as they are on board 100% I’ll introduce them to y’all. They are hilarious because they don’t want you to know how much they weigh just how much the loss or gain each week. This will make for a funny read since I think it should be a no holds barred competition which of course I will win not that I’m in the least bit competitive right Sandra?

Last month was my 49th birthday, the last year in my forties and I had to share my birthday with a little boy at school. Let me start by saying a very cute and lovely little boy, however I still had to share it with him. What is it with 3 year old children? It has to be all about them, so selfish! But happily I reminded the children that it was not all about him it was my special day too! Well that didn’t work too well for me since he brought in the best snack ever. Ok I’m losing this one big time, bloody children.  Anyway I was going to start this new escapade on the Wednesday, the day after my birthday but due to the massive hangover I had maybe Thursday would work better. But no I went to my friend Amanda’s for dinner, I had convinced myself I would not have a drink and when I got there she asked me if I’d like a drink, “No thanks I’m good right now” (are you all impressed?) well that lasted about an hour and it was G&T’s all-round never mind I’ll start tomorrow….No wait that’s Friday, then the weekend. Ok Monday it is then and I’m really serious, Monday is D day.

Every time I blog I will set myself goals for the following week or two and then I will report back to you and let you know where I have managed to achieve those goals or hopefully do better and I will even let you know if I fail by thinking up the best excuses why I did not achieve them, no I promise I’ll be honest, scouts honor.  I will hopefully let you know how much weight I’ve lost but I will also let you know if I’ve gained.  I’m going to take pictures so that you can see my progress as I go and I’m planning on taking my first picture today I’ll also add the other girls pictures if they want to do that.  

Goals for the week…..

I don’t know if anyone knows this, well besides Smug Git, but I am an addict. I’m addicted to eggs I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eggs! I have an egg every day and I know eating one every day is not good for you but neither is gin and tonic and that doesn’t stop me either however in the spirit of reaching my goal this week I’m going to have a protein smoothie for breakfast and no gin and tonics till Friday (and just to let you know no I don’t have a G&T for breakfast ok) my other favorite food group is bread. I have to have bread at every meal so having the smoothie will cut out one of my bread servings for the day. I think that will be a good start for the food week now exercise is another story. Since my hip has been giving me so much pain lately I can honestly say I’ve done little or no exercise in going on 4 months, today Smug Git and I are off to join a gym I will try and work up the courage to actually go and use the gym at least once this week but I will get on my bike and do a little 30 minute walk I think that’s plenty for week 1 I hope you all agree.

Wish me luck! See y’all next week for an update.  

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