Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sleepin' with the fishes

Ok. You remember the whole no sticker drama last week… Me crying… Cow Face crying… Well, right at the end of my, I don’t want to say argument with her, so let’s just call it emotional discussion or, as Smug Git likes to call it, my petted lip melt down (god I really hate it when he’s right) anyway I said to her, chin still all wobbly “ I have a blog and you’re so going to be in it”. Now it’s just funny but then, I don’t know, I just felt like I was really threatening her with something. Which of course is really funny because I don’t even know her name.

Later that day after I’ve pulled myself together I go out on my bike with Smug Git and Steve my training buddy (I really need to come up with a name for him) anyway he grew up in Queens New York and he’s a really funny guy I tell him the sad, sorry, no sticker story and as quick as a whip he says (I would say in his best New York accent but that’s the way he talks all the time) “you want I should put a hit on her?” I nearly fell off my bike laughing! That made my day and I cycled 15.5 miles.

It’s 3:00am on Monday morning and I can’t sleep because the stupid damaged cat is meowing outside the bedroom window to get in and yes that really is his name which is really funny when you have to take him to the vet and they call out “damaged cat” for his name it makes me laugh every time.

I know you’re all asking why is he called damaged cat? Well long story short I drove over him when he was a kitten and took all the skin off his back and broke his hip! Aww! Poor damaged cat!!!!

So enough about the cat back to ME. I can’t sleep because I’m worried about how to incorporate alcohol into my diet plan because, let’s face it, if I can’t drink on this plan I’m not doing it. End of story! However I come up with, if I may say, a brilliant plan to count my wine and gin points. I get out of bed take my phone into the toilet (I don’t want to wake SG) and work out the point value of a cup of wine which is 7 points and then I do the most important one - the gin. A cup of gin is 20 points. Now I know I know that’s a lot of points… but it’s also a lot of gin! (I’m not planning to drink the whole cup). Woo hoo! I feel like I just discovered the answer to occupy wall street I’m so happy I go back to bed and sleep like a baby.

The rest of the week obviously goes well (because I sorted out my gin consumption for the weekend) until Friday when I have to judge a cake baking competition at school. Seriously that’s like taking an alcoholic on a pub crawl. I feel like I need a WW sponsor. You know someone you can call when you’re just about ready to stuff that piece of chocolate cake in your face. So how would you talk someone down from chocolate? Did I eat any of the cakes? Not a one. We made the year 6 house captains taste all the cookies and cakes. Wow that was a close shave!

Saturday morning and it’s the big weigh in day I’m feeling pretty confident I’ve been good all week and I can’t wait to see Cow Face but I go in to the meeting and look around and Cow Face is nowhere to be seen SHE’S NOT THERE! COW! Now if I lose weight she’ll not know. God this woman annoys the crap out of me! How can I rub it in her face if she’s not there? But wait y’all don’t think Steve (The Don) has really put a hit on her and she’s sleepin with the fishes?

I get on the scales and wait for it……4.5lbs off yeah!

Serious bit….

All joking aside this week has been a tough week and I know the next few weeks will get tougher. Who the hell goes on a diet in December? But I will still give it 100% well maybe the next few weeks 95% and keep you all updated on my progress. I thought this week I’d throw in a wee recipe I made it’s really low fat and absolutely delicious and the boys loved it too and did not know it was low fat so enjoy!

Italian Sausage Pasta

1 1/2 pounds uncooked turkey sausage(s), Italian-style, casings removed
2 tsp olive oil, extra-virgin
2 medium yellow pepper(s), cut into 2-inch long thin strips
1 medium uncooked onion(s), thinly sliced
1/2 cup(s) red wine
1 1/2 Tbsp minced garlic
28 oz canned crushed tomatoes, fire-roasted recommended
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes, or less to taste
1/4 tsp table salt

8 oz uncooked whole-wheat pasta, fusilli
1/3 cup(s) basil, fresh, chopped

Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil.

Meanwhile, to make sauce, in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, cook sausage, stirring and breaking up meat with back of a wooden spoon, until cooked through, about 3 to 5 minutes; remove to a plate.

Heat oil in same skillet. Add yellow peppers and onion; cook, stirring frequently, until vegetables are lightly colored and crisp-tender, about 5 minutes.

Add wine and garlic; cook until most of liquid evaporates, about 1 minute. Add tomatoes, crushed red pepper, salt and browned sausage; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover and simmer until vegetables are tender and sauce is heated through, about 10 minutes.

While sauce simmers, add pasta to boiling water and cook according to package instructions. Drain pasta; return to pot. Add sauce and basil; toss to mix and coat.

Yields about 1 1/3 cups per serving.

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  1. Another funny entry Mrs W..
    Your mince pie was delish Friday, you should have entered the baking competition, you would have won easily !