Sunday, March 4, 2012

Slow and Steady

Most weeks I worry that I won’t have anything to write in this blog luckily when I sit down at the computer there’s something there but not this week, this week I’ve plenty to tell y’all.

First things first I stuck my to weight watchers diet. I’ve been trying a new thing where I don’t eat carbs at lunch, I have a little bit of carbs in the morning non the rest of the day and a little in the evening and I
have to say so far it has been working a treat and it’s not been too hard, this week another 2 pounds off!

Ok now that is out of the way back to the drama. So you know I had two good rides last weekend, a 33 and a 47 miler (I thank you all for your comments they keep me going every week!), you know I fell off my bike (no damage - no worries) and I vaguely mentioned I had a sore leg. Well the sore leg had not gotten any better and by Friday morning when I got up at my usual 5:00am to get on my bike, for the first time I felt it hurt while I was riding. It didn’t hurt much but there was a wee twinge there. When I got off the bike I went straight to my phone and called for an appointment with the doctor and thankfully I got one for later that afternoon. I know I’ve told you all about the doctors here but seriously why does she need to know what I weigh and when my last period was “come on people I have a sore leg how is knowing that going to help” Oh and I’m still not telling y’all how much I weigh!
The doctor comes in and starts asking me all the usual questions you know was I doing anything different?

Me: “What? Like going from a couch potato to riding my bike every day?”

Doc: “Well that might do it”

But seriously you all know I’ve did this gradually so she continues to examine me and then tells me I sprained my hip flexor or something. I was in shock at this point then she tells me to stop riding and to ice and rest it and that she needs to give me a shot for the pain and to relax the muscle. At this point I start crying like a baby. Now I’m not sure if I’m crying because I have to stop riding or because I have to have a shot. Either way she is just looking at me and I tell her through my sobs that it doesn't hurt when I ride and can I please ride tomorrow morning and I promise her I won’t ride all week and she says that will be fine but no riding the rest of the week. I now think I was crying at the thought of not being able to ride I really feel as if I’ve worked so hard for this and I’m scared if I stop I won’t start again but I have to say Smug Git and my friends Lesley and Amanda have talked me through, better to have a week off now than not be able to ride on the day and that I’m only half way through the training series and I know they are all right. My plan for next week because I can’t ride is to go to the gym every night and use the weights and get some abs work done because I need the abs work big time, oh god I may have some other kind of pain next week.

Remember last week I told you I’d be clipping in, well I did! I’ve been practicing all week on the trainer so tonight it’s off to the school parking lot to have a go outside and low and behold I did it! I’m feeling a bit more confident about doing it tomorrow I just have to remember to clip out when someone shouts that they are slowing so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Saturday morning ride day I get out of my bed and SG looks at me and says “you do know you have a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid on your ass? Well actually no I didn’t so I just left it right there. I was fooled into a false sense of security on Saturday morning because Friday was such a beautiful day I was sure it was going to be warm so I put on my cycling shorts (I know I said I’d never wear them but well you know what happens) and a short sleeved t-shirt and my usual sweatshirt but when I got out of the car at the ride it was bloody freezing it had dropped 5 degrees since leaving Houston. Have I told y’all how much I hate the cold? Well it’s a lot. After I get back to the car from signing it there is Smug Git with his shirt off

Me: “WTF! Please I need some warning if you’re going to do that when I’m about”

Oh god all that white fleshy man boobs then I turn to look away and the guy at the next car is doing the exact same thing! What is it with you flabby men and taking your tops off? You can’t do that before you leave the house in the morning? Really!! Then I look up at the sky because it’s the only place left to look and I see the big black clouds fast approaching and I know it’s going to rain. Now I’m really worried, I am shit scared to ride in the rain and I’m clipped in. We head up to the start line and I can feel the first drops of rain, I’m not happy at all, then the announcer tells us that we are going to start about 30 minutes late to let the rain blow through, because our car is too far away we just try and find some shelter. So there we are freezing our butts off but relatively dry just waiting for the rain to stop when just then I see all these guys that are all kitted out looking like, well not quite Lance Armstrong but you get the idea, with all the gear on packing up their cars and leaving! What the hell! You wimps get back here! Then SG says to me “you know if you want we can do the 32 miles today”

Me: “Nope we’re doing 51”

Yay! The rain has just stopped and we go back to the start and then I see this guy come up and I kid you not he looked like Jimmy Buffet. He was wearing Khakis’, a Hawaii shirt and sunglasses. He looked like he was going on vacation. I mean really, I worry about what I look like - I have a wee bit of make up on, my hair combed, my earrings in, a dab of perfume and some lippy on (well you never know if I fall off I might need help from a big burly first responder) Honestly you see some sights.

The ride starts and we set off. It’s still cold but at least we are on the move and so far I’m clipped in and all is well. About a three quarters of an hour later the sun came out and it is a glorious day to be riding my bike most of the ride was in Sam Houston national forest so some of the scenery is amazing. Texas really is a beautiful place to ride in spring time. If you don’t ride, you don’t know what you missing. I was under the impression that Texas was flat, oh no we had plenty of hills and at one point SG told me he thought I was going to give birth with all the panting and puffing but I did not get off my bike and walk once so big pat on the back for me. When we got to the first rest stop we were dead last the volunteers were just waiting for us and then they were packing up to go home so big shout out to all the volunteers who fed us, made us feel great and sent us on our way. Thanks guys we could not do these ride without you. Second rest stop we were second to last but you know what? I don’t really care. For me it’s not a race, I just want to finish (but really before those two losers at the end) anyway we did it! 51 miles up hills both ways and my longest single day ride so far. Hopefully I’ll be back on my bike next week.

Serious bit…

As you all know I’m riding for Multiple Sclerosis and would really appreciate it if you could donate something towards this very worthwhile cause. I thank everyone who has already donated to me you don’t know how much it means to me I’m very thankful to be able to call you all my friends. I also have another wee favor to ask. Smug Git and I have to volunteer at one of the rides but I really don’t want to miss a ride. If any of you out there would like to volunteer for us I would be forever in your debt and there will be a great reward for helping us out. The volunteer jobs are SAG wagon or rest stop if you would like to do this let me know.

Here is my link

See y’all next week… love Iz

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