Sunday, February 26, 2012

Down but not out

Ok gal pals I know y’all have tried the odd diet now and then. I’ve yet to meet any woman, or man for that matter, who has not. Well except for Gus - that boy can eat his weight in pizza and then want a dessert. This week as promised I’ve stuck to my diet 100% but throw into the mix PMS and I was the bitch from hell. I’m not kidding, everything bothered me this week. I was just permanently annoyed. And when I have PMS I also have a super power and I can hear what Smug Git is thinking and right now it’s “What? Just this week? Try every week”

I wonder if you murdered someone you could use PMS as your defense? No? Just a thought….

So all in all a good week:

Diet - Check
Exercise - Check
Weight watchers on Thursday night - Check - Although nothing to report on that front, I stayed the same but I’ll take that. No weight gain from the week before so that’s great.

It was Smug Git’s birthday this week and on Friday we had two of the Scottish couples over for some food but we have a ride in the morning so I’ve told them they have to go by 10:30pm (see PMS kicking in again) and I can’t drink, I’m going to be a bundle of laughs. Well… I decide I’ll have a couple. I’m sure that will be fine but as you all know me well enough by now two turn into four and I’m having a great time. Under normal circumstances I’d be fine with four gins and I don’t think they are particularly large ones but my head is buzzing. I’ve turned into such a light weight and I mean as far as drinking is concerned my actual weigh I’m nowhere near the light weight category I’m still in the heifer division and probably will be for the time being. But Beth you’ll be proud of me I know I have to ride and they all leave about 10:30. I’m in my bed by 10:50 and I don’t see 10:55 night, night all!

Saturday morning the alarm goes off at 6:00am and my mouth is like an Arabs sandshoe (tennis shoe) and my head’s pounding. Oh my god I have to ride 33 miles this morning. Why do I feel so bad? Oh shut up I know what you’re all thinking (apparently my super powers work on you lot too). No worries after an anti-inflammatory for the groin strain, two pain killers for the headache, an antihistamine for the hay fever and my blood pressure meds I’m good to go.

We get to the ride and I meet up with Leanne and Steph from work but they ride way faster than me plus they were riding 50 miles and I was only doing 33 so we left at different times. As we passed the first rest stop we hear the girls shouting at us as we rode past “Go team Scotland” too funny then later they zoomed past us again those girls will kick some serious biker butt during the MS150. I was planning on riding with them but there’s no way I could keep up! Go Girls…..

The rest of the ride was good, not too cold and at the end I felt great. We went off to the cafeteria for a pancake breakfast provided by Waller intermediate school. That was who was organizing the ride this week - the Waller Bulldogs to raise some money for their school and I have to say they did a great job.

The good thing about riding at the weekend is on a Saturday night I can usually eat and drink whatever I like but not this week tomorrow I am riding again and this time I’m riding 44 miles so it’s off to bed at 10:00pm like the sensible grown up I am.

Sunday morning and the alarm again goes off at 6:00am but this time I’m as fresh as a daisy and raring to go. (Well not really raring to go) We head off and get to the ride a wee bit late so we have to leave at the back of the pack or at the back of the saddle of saddos as my Scottish friends like to call it. The weather was beautiful and then after that it all went downhill from there (well not quite from there). We are riding along and all is well and then right in front of me is my first hill! WTF! No one told me they’d be hills! Smug Git kept that quiet and there was not just one hill there were about 10! I was in the very bottom gear and I felt like I was going backwards, but I did not get off once! I made every single hill. Go me!

Later I’m riding along, it’s about 38 miles in and I can honestly say I’m exhausted. I really want to use the SAG wagon (but I won’t) I keep talking to myself “Ok just get to 40” and just as I reach 40 this arse in a red car drives right up behind me, honks his horn and forces me off the road. I go flying off the bike and end up in a ditch - oh my god my heart was in my mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen SG so mad but I was fine except I broke two nails and what else can you do - just get up and get back on. At the end of the ride I rode 47 miles the longest ride I’ve done so far and a weekend total of 80 miles but thank god it’s done till next week.

Serious Bit…

If you are in your car and you’re passing a bike rider please give them room and don’t honk your horn right as you pass them.

Next week……Get ready I’m clipping in!

Thanks for reading see y’all next week. Iz

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  1. I am so proud of you Izzi! Go team Scotland!! It really spurred Leanne and I on seeing you and SG, the highlight of our day (next to that final rest stop and the finish line!)