Sunday, September 23, 2012

Look out Bradley Wiggins

I think you all know that I started a new job at the end of the summer and I’m working with 2 year olds.  Now if you would have asked me if I want to work with them say last year but really if you would have asked me ever to work with 2 year olds I would have laughed at you and said never!  You know what they say, never say never and here I am with the toddlers and more to the point, I love it! Some days I just laugh and laugh… Well, if I’m not gagging at the little snot sucker. So the other day in class I had on this blue top that I’ve worn tons of times at work, it’s not a low cut cleavage showing top and it’s not a polo neck. (turtle neck for my American friends) Say somewhere in between. Anyway every time I sat down these two little boys came over and wanted to sit on my lap and would then proceed to drive whatever vehicle they were playing with, be it a Hummer or a truck down my cleavage!  I’m not joking I ended up standing up for most of the day. Bloody children!

On Friday morning I woke up with that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach since I knew that my first bike ride of the season was fast approaching and I had not been out on the road since the MS150 in April. I have however been on the trainer pretty regularly but as I say not on the road. I was crapping myself I was so worried that I had to go for a quick choir practice after work. Just to calm the nerves you understand. That worked for a little while but I knew I couldn’t keep singing so after a couple of songs I thought an early night would be the best thing to do. 

Saturday morning and we were up bright and early and I was even more nervous. So much so I could hardly eat my breakfast (joking – I can always eat!) and that I think is where all my problems start.  I begin to doubt myself; Can I get out of the clips? Will I be able to ride 27 miles? What if I hate riding or what if it’s like those first few rides when I nearly kill myself? I’m so worried that I’m actually thinking about not going. You know when you really, really don’t want to do something (me, it’s usually flying) so you start to hope you get sick or worse one of the kids get sick (I know I’m a terrible mother)  then you have the perfect reason to not do it and everyone will understand? Well that’s the stage I’m at on Saturday morning but me being me I don’t like fear to beat me,  it was a very good cause and I did have sponsors,  so get a grip woman and get it done.

We get to the ride and the weather is so nice there are lots of people there or as Robert would say a saddle of saddos. Oh and some radio personalities although I’m not quite sure how you recognize someone from the radio, I was all kitted out and ready – well as ready as I’ll ever be – and, as always, just to add to the excitement (nerves) you have to wait till it’s your group to go, now I’m just bitching and moaning, I want to get going and I’m sure at this point Smug Git is wishing he could drive a truck right over me never mind down my cleavage! Then hooray they call our group and we set off, well let me tell you it was awesome. I loved every single minute of it, I’m actually excited as I write this! I don’t know what I was worried about it was like riding a bike (ok I’m sorry I could not resist that one) I felt like I was flying along those roads. We stopped at the first rest stop and I was enjoying it so much we rode right past the last rest stop. To be fair the ride was in Katy Texas which is as flat as a pancake but it felt so good to be back outside on my lovely shiny new bike (not so shiny now). Y’all know I’m not into stats but SG has just brought my stats for yesterday (along with a beer what a man) so I thought I would share them.  I rode an average of 12.7 mph and a maximum of 20.8 mph It took us 2 hours and 20 minutes and I cycled 29.46 miles I’m so excited I feel great about those stats and I can’t wait to get back out next Saturday.

Today I decided to go bike barn our local bike shop to spend a voucher I had and while I was there I got talking to the very serious bike guy remember last year he told me he did not think I was talking bike riding serious enough? Well wait till  tell you what he said to me today.

Serious guy “So how many miles are you riding at the weekends now”

Me “Did 29 yesterday” I have to say I think this is how Smug Git must feel all the time!

Serious guy “Wow! That's not too bad”

I have a big smug cheesy grin on my face anyway you know what it’s like when you have money you can never find anything you want and I needed to spend my voucher today so SG ended up with some new peddles, we are standing at the cash register and oh my god! I’m so excited, serious guy comes over and says to me (wait for it)…..”So I think you should ride with us on a Saturday morning at 7:15am”. Wait! Did he just ask me out on a date? Ha, ha, ha better that that I, me, yes I’m going to say it again he told me I could ride with bike barn! Ha, I’m so excited I could scream.  Does that make me a cyclist? Why yes I think it does! Will I go? Hmm maybe yes but not just yet. I’m not sure I’m ready for that right now but I will go soon (I promise).  

My plan for the week ahead is to get back on the bike in the mornings and perhaps venture out round the neighborhood and next weekend out somewhere for a long bike ride can’t wait.

Serious bit….

I’m not looking for money. (Not yet)

Thanks for reading see y’all next week.  Iz x 

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