Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There I Go Changing My Mind Again

First things first this was going to be my last blog (I know you’re all so sad) and I mean that sincerely, not sad as in losers, sad as in unhappy… oh never mind! Anyway I’d made up my mind.  How long can you read a blog about losing weight and getting fit when the blogger is not really doing either?
So y’all know I’ve been known to partake in a small adult beverage but only on high days and holidays (you do know I can write that with a straight face?) well as luck would have it one of those high days came up on Thursday evening.  My friend Amanda had some family over from Scotland and I jumped at the chance to go right over after work. I was really looking forward to seeing her brother Robert, his partner Dean, their friend Paul and cousin Mo. You know who you are folks - I’ve just changed your names to protect the innocent. And by the way Robert makes the best gin and tonics EVER!
Anyway I’m about half way down my first gin and we start talking about my blog. Robert tells me that he reads it every week, and I have to say he was a great supporter during my training. Then Paul say’s “oh aye, I read it too, I read it when I was in the Ukraine and one of their pals read it in Russia. Well you can imagine how happy I was. Then I told them the news that I was done.

Me “Well I really appreciate it but I’m not going to blog anymore”

Robert “What? Why?

Me “Who wants to read a blog about losing weight and getting fit if I’m a lazy fat shite?

Robert “I really like reading about all the everyday funny stuff”

Me “seriously?”

Robert “Yeah it’s really funny”

Me “Bloody hell, I was so sure it was all about me losing weight”

So that made me think maybe I’ll just keep blogging about my unsuccessful attempts to lose weight and get fit and just blog about all of the crazy stuff that happens in my life. Thanks Robert!

Having said all that remember when I lost 34 pounds? Well the summer holidays happened and I could feel myself putting it back on and I had this bag of fat clothes in my closet that I had not gotten round to taking to the charity shop.  One morning I was getting ready to go to work and all my work stuff was getting a tad tight and for a moment I thought about going into the fat bag and getting something to wear but thankfully I managed to squeeze myself into something. Pronto the bag was taken that day to the shop and then I went on to weight watchers. The news was not good. I want to lie to y’all and say I just put on a couple of pounds but the fat lady is back. Not as fat as she was, but back none the less. I am happy to say that I weighed in last night and lost 5lbs so woo-hoo for me and I am not drinking tonight so I can go ride my bike tomorrow.  

Are you all suitably impressed?

Ok so what happened funny this week? Well let me start by telling you I have this problem. When someone, anyone asks me to volunteer I always have this wee speech ready about how busy I am and I’d love too but no I can’t. So when someone asks it usually goes something like this:

Volunteer coordinator “Hey Izzi, would you like to help us out by signing on to be on our committee?”

Me “… … Yeah sure, what can I do?”

Every bloody time. I just can’t say no.

So you guessed it I’m, wait for it - the table organizer for a senior thing at high school.  We have our first night at selling tickets and as luck would have it we sell 12 tables. The cost of a table is $250 to $350 and my job is to bring all the cheques to my house, do some spread sheet thing and whatever. Anyway as I leave the sale I say “Ok, do not let me lose this folder”.  2 hours later I get a call from one of my friends and she says to me “Izzi - Just so you don’t worry we have the folder! You left it in a classroom at the school” Fuck!!! The one job I had was don’t lose the folder and of course I lost the folder with close to $3000 dollars in it! I think my days of being asked to volunteer are almost at an end! But wait, who finds the folder? Only the chairperson of the committee! What are the chances that it’s her that gets it? I have to then go over to her house and apologize profusely and she’s all laughing and saying “oh it’s fine don’t worry about it no problem” but I know she must be thinking stupid, stupid cow! Later I offer to resign my position but of course she will have none of it so needless to say I’m still on the committee still organizing tables but now they are mailing the cheques to me….Funny that!

Serious Bit…

On Saturday 22nd September I will be riding in my first ride of the season. I am, believe it or not, really excited about it. I’m going to ride about 30 miles and to tell you the truth I have only rode my bike on the trainer over the summer so to say I’m nervous would be an understatement.  A huge thanks to all who have donated to this for me there is still time if you want to help but please keep in mind I will be hounding y’all for money for the 2013 MS150!

Here is the link if you do wish to donate :  https://donations.diabetes.org/site/Donation2?idb=815813241&df_id=9898&FR_ID=8067&PROXY_ID=7470896&PROXY_TYPE=20&9898.donation=form1


  1. So glad to hear you are going to keep blogging! I love reading it each week and I typically end up rereading it to mom as we run errands. You have made us laugh a lot!

    Good for you on the bike riding. I know I chimed in on FB saying I would ride...but I have done nothing to prepare at all. If only I had a blog I could write about volunteering to ride with a friend and then not following through!

    I did tell my sister I would do a wine tasting bike ride thing next month...I'll chances are better that i'll show up for that one. Who can turn down a ride that includes wine?

  2. Denab, Thx for commenting x. You could write a blog about volunteering if I can blog anyone can. AND I think I'm going to do the wine tasting bike ride. Now that would be a funny blog...