Sunday, January 1, 2012

The confessional

Bless me blog followers for I have binged, It’s been about 8 weeks since my last admission. Today I have eaten:

1 crunchy

1 flake

1 mince pie

1 cup full of Kim’s salty, garlic, cracker deliciousness.

2 chocolates

1 small fries from McDonalds (Greek Adonis’s fault)

4 pieces of chocolate orange

Ok wait I need to take a breath!

And finally 2 gin and tonics!

You see this is what happens when Smug Git goes away for the night and leaves me on my own! So it’s not really my fault.

I know it looks like a lot but believe me I could have kept going the only thing that stopped me is I kept stubbing my toe on the bloody stationary bike! After the second stubbed toe I thought ok someone or something out there is trying to tell me something so I stopped. Well that and the fact that I felt really sick!

Ok if I’m repenting I should probably tell you along with all the food I did watch a Dr Phil marathon (I’m thinking I won’t get forgiven for that). Watching that show makes me feel positively normal but you know you’re not having a good day when you’re actually thinking of taping a Suze Orman show. Who knows maybe next week I’ll be giving financial advice… Maybe not.

Besides me repenting for my binge and my bad TV day on Wednesday I guess I should also repent for my lunch I had out with some very good or should I say bad friends on Tuesday. Well we all met up for lunch at 1:00pm and decided to have a little before lunch cocktail to celebrate the holiday season. As I said my friends are lovely if not a tad controlling - oh and they know what they like and don’t like. After giving our very specific cocktail orders to the waitress she comes back with a note pad and a pencil and asked for a detailed description of what we wanted, recipes and instructions (this is going to be a fun day!) I get the feeling she has had some very pernickety women before. About an hour and a half later we finally order food and up to this point I’m still on the weight watchers plan I know it’s hard to believe but it’s the liquid lunch plan but still on plan none the less. After lunch and about 4 more cocktails later (I know Beth I sound like I have a drink problem) Laurie comes up with the great Idea let’s get our husbands and go to her house (plus we needed a couple of them to drive us home) and continue with the party there. Yea! That’s a great idea… After a few more cocktails and a lot of laughing we finally left Laurie’s around 11:00pm!

Not such a great idea on Wednesday morning but now y’all understand why I ate all that shite the next day.

Thankfully because of this blog I had to get quickly back on plan and Thursday and Friday went by without a hitch (a hitch obviously meaning no chocolate or alcohol) but I did have a wee bit of Christmas cake. Oh come on! It’s Christmas cake… Ok it does have a tad sherry in it!

Up to now I’ve found weight watchers tough but doable but not this week and for lots of reasons the obvious one being the Christmas holidays but thank God it’s nearly over. Two more parties to go and it’s onwards and upwards.

Ok on to weight watchers. No bravo stickers and I have to say 2lbs….on  BUT I’ll take that because believe me it could have (and in the past has been) a lot more so 2lbs is quite all right with me I will have that back off for next Saturday. Guides honor!

Serious Bit

Remember way back when I started this blog there was something about a bike ride? Well next week we will be back on the bike ride trail.

The Weatherly Family wishes you and your families all the very best for 2012. Happy New Year!

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