Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well, well, well. What to write about today? And it is Sunday by the way. It was a bit of a dull week if truth be told. I guess I could fill y’all in on what happened with the bathroom scale drama. Did I make it without weighing myself for a week or did I not? What do you think? Drum roll please……

Of course I didn’t bloody make it! Are you lot crazy? Gus wanted pizza on Friday and I tried the old “only if you give me the scales back can you have pizza” but his answer was a big fat “NO!” and then he called Smug Git and got him to pick up the pizza. Damn he’s a smart boy! So after that I was kind of ok over the weekend because I was busy.

Monday morning and not knowing what I weighed was horrible. I thought about it all day and as I drove home I was thinking I hope Gus is not home then I can go up to his room and search for the scales, get a wee quick weigh in and no one need be any the wiser. A quick fix right? As I turn the corner, what do you know his car is in the drive, shit one perfect plan scuppered. But wait If I go in and he is playing with his virtual friends he’ll have his ear phones on and he will be in the game room. I could be really quiet, sneak up the stairs, find the scales and voila! Quick weigh in. Good to go. Gus oblivious to his sad mothers dastardly deeds. All’s well blah, blah, blah… So I’m opening the door really slowly and the dogs start barking (I had completely forgot about the dogs) and Gus shouts down “hi mom how was your day?” Oh bugger!

Me “It was good how as yours?”

Gus “Good”

Me “What you doing?” Thinking he might still be virtual friending it.

Gus “Doing my homework”

Oh for god sake that boy is killing me. Well there’s no chance I’m getting near the scales.

Later in the evening I tell Smug Git he needs to help me get the scales back. I know at this point he will do just about anything for a quiet life because I keep going on about “I just need to know where I am” and “it’s nearly Thursday anyway”. He goes upstairs to Gus’ room and asks him for the scales and guess what he came down the stairs with? Yes, you’re right - Nothing. That kid has balls! Smug Git on the other hand may need to grow a pair. I want those scales and I want them now! And then I remember! Oh my god! I’ve been so busy worrying about me I never gave him a second thought! It’s like a light bulb moment! Greek Adonis!!! He has a set of scales in his bathroom. Of course he does - he’s crazier about his weight than me. I am beside myself with delight so I send SG up for them and on the way back down Gus is there. Gus comes down stairs and gives me one of his “Oh come on Mom I can’t believe you’re doing this” looks but at this point I don’t even care! And then he says “I think you need an intervention” Ha, ha now that would be a funny show. I’d watch that.

The rest of the week was fine. I went to weight watchers on Thursday and lost 2lbs and since it's the beginning of a new month I thought I would tell you my total weight loss so far is 26lbs! Yeah! I’m one very happy lady.
Now for the bad news. The weekend was a wash out with a huge storm on Saturday morning so I was not able to get on my bike. Good news however, I was able to drink on Friday and Saturday. See every cloud has a silver lining! I am planning on going out on my shiny new bike after I finish this blog but you know this might take a while.

Now I know you are all thinking “That’s it? Nothing else happened? And really that’s it. As I said bit of a dull week but then I just remembered something. My blog would not be the same if I did not give Lesley a wee mention. Lesley are you ready for this?

Since there will be no ride on Saturday and I have a party on Friday evening I decide I’ll go and have my nails done. I’m in the middle of having them done when Lesley sends me a couple of text messages about Lance Armstrong and how “his team are dropping the doping charges but the Feds may still go ahead with pursuing charges”, so I have to text her back “OMG! You are hilarious just coz I ride a bike does not mean I know anything about Lance Armstrong”. Then she texts back “Oh sorry! I forgot it’s me that’s the cycling geek”. Lesley - Your secret is out now maybe next year I’ll get you out on the bike with me. Well a girl can dream right Lesley? Oh and I won’t tell y’all what she says about Lance Armstrong!

Serious bit.

After thinking long and hard about my serious bit this week I think I will take a moment and share with you some very serious rules for women cyclers in the 1895.

  • Don’t cultivate a bicycle face. I think that’s what I must have been doing last week when the ride marshal told me off.
  • Don’t go out after dark without a male escort. Is that of the private hire kind? (just asking)
  • Don’t wear a garden hat with bloomers. Why I never would! How appalling, just the mere thought of it.
  • Don’t chew gum. Exercise your jaws in private. (enough said)
  • Don’t appear in public till you ride well. Oh well it’s goodbye shiny new bike.

Here is my link if you would like to donate to this very worthwhile cause.

Thanks for reading see y’all next week!

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