Sunday, May 13, 2012

50 Shades of Blushing

Week one without Shiny new bike who from this date on will now be known as 4647 (the MS150 bike number) because it can’t really be Shiny New Bike forever right? Well any way he has sat not so happily in the corner of the bed room looking longingly at me and I have not so much as looked in his direction, not even once! Oh ok maybe once or twice but I need to follow all the instructions that my shite physical therapist gave me coz how else I’m I going to get back on 4647. I have ran (bounced) in the pool, used shoulder weights every day and did all the stretching he told me to do. All of one stretch so I’m sure in no time I’ll be good to go? I also have been off work on the sick all week so the leg has been out of action (I’ll clarify that later). However during the week my boss called just to see how I was doing because he is very concerned about my wellbeing and not at all bothered about the lack of staff at work or the amount of cover that’s needed. But it was nice to hear from him. His parting words did make me smile though:

Boss “Hey I hope you don’t come back with a sun tan”

Me “Well my physio has been in the pool”

You know I’m just covering all my bases here and my leg has been up… Ha! up on a sun lounger outside.  What? Shut up! We live in Texas it’s medicinal as was the margaritas! Ok I’m joking about the margaritas but not the rest.  Let’s just say I have a healthy glow.

At the beginning of the week I had a conversation with the orthopedic doctors (Dr Blair) nurse oh she was mad at the physical therapist and called and scheduled 6 appointments for me but me being a bit of a scaredy cat I went to another place and the girl there was great. Lots of stretches and, and back on 4647 for 15 minutes before I stretch twice a day! Woo-hoo! Happy me!

So really that’s my week so here ends my blog.  Well y’all knew it would be dull for the next 6 week till my leg got better. 

But there was one thing I did this week that might interest at least some of you. The rest if you’re not dead can stop reading now.  It’s something very topical and no it’s not the breast feeding mother or Obama’s views on gay marriage they are topics for another time (gotcha) not.  I thought I would give you a wee book review on 50 Shades of Gray by E L James.

Oh where to start? Husbands if you have not bought this book for your wife you are crazy! Go out today and get it as a last minute Mother’s day gift and I know before you say it you’re not her mother give it from the lazy kid who’s too tired to move his ass and get her anything, you will thank yourself in about 2 days if she’s a slow reader or that evening if she reads fast! However she may have to reread a few pages again and again… oh yes, yes….oh… sorry, drifted away there… Back to 50 shades of blushing oh I mean gray.

The plot: Dashingly, hot, handsome, rich young man (husbands remember you’re not reading it just getting the benefit) and beautiful, naïve, just graduated college student… ok, so that really is where the plot ends.  But the book is so hot you will have to put it down to thank your husband for buying it for you and husbands this is where you get the pay back for going out shopping on mother’s day afternoon. 

Men out there you’re welcome! Enjoy

Serious bit…

Ladies if you don’t get this book go get it, its decedent hot fun! 

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