Sunday, May 6, 2012

Farewell old Friend...Till the next time!

It is with great sadness I have to inform you all that, as from Thursday at 1:00pm central time, as the results of a leg injury and the fastest visit to the physical therapist ever I have to go cold turkey. Not from alcohol but from Shiny New (well maybe not so new now) Bike. He has been resigned to the great bike hooks in the garage.  After hours, no weeks, really months of loving that bike I have to hang him up. I feel he has been ripped away from me too soon.  But we did have some good times and some not so good, getting up at 5:00am in the Baltic cold Texas mornings, no alcohol, falling off on numerous occasions, very sore hoo-ha… Actually I don’t remember any good times! Ok well its good riddance to Shiny Bike!  So why am I so sad and depressed? Why does only gin and tequila help? I know the answer to that one - gin and tequila help everything duh!

It has been one of the longest weeks with this bloody leg by Thursday morning I was an emotional wreck I would love to tell you that I’m not eating or sleeping but while I’m not sleeping, the eating… well I think I’d have to pull a muscle in my jaw to stop me doing that even then I’m sure I’d find a way.  Sorry I digress where was I? Oh yes the not sleeping, I’m taking anti-inflammatory’s like they’re smarties, a sleeping pill which is getting me over to sleep but not keeping me asleep. Anyway Smug Git (I’m not sure if I can still call him SG after that lovely piece he wrote about me last week?) tells me I’ve not to go to work Thursday morning but of course I won’t listen to him. I go get Lesley and I’m not in the car 5 minutes and I’m crying like a big girls blouse.  She wants to turn the car round and take me home but no I’m still insisting I go to work. I get to work at about 7:45am meet Beth and start bubbling again. 20 minutes later SG is there and I’m on my way home! Why am I so pig headed? Please don’t all shout out at once.

As I said earlier I get an appointment to go see the physical therapist that day. At 1:00pm I’m in his office. For about 30 minutes he looks at my insurance and informs me that I can have 60 sessions of physio a year so I’m thinking “Yes! This is going to be sorted”, then he gives me the once over, announces it is a biking injury, shows me a couple of stretches, tells me to get off the bike for 6 weeks (oh did I forget to say 6 weeks earlier yeah I’m not off shiny bike forever it just feels like forever) and to do running in the pool and I’m good to go!

Wait what just happened there? That’s it? I’m done? No 60 sessions? No nice bedside manner? So as you can imagine I start crying all over again. He just looks at me like I’m some sort of crazy person, which at this point I feel like some kind of crazy person. I want to punch his face in but I just put on my sunglasses, pick up my handbag and sob all the way out of 24 hour fitness with all these fit sickening people just looking at the crying crazy lady leave. 

I get back home and I’m so mad I won’t answer the phone. I don’t want to talk to anyone. What the hell is running in the pool? Fat lot of good that will do - can you actually run in the pool? After about an hour of feeling sorry for myself and almost having a major binge I held it together and ate my salad and fruit. I thought I might try getting into the pool and doing the water running and truth be told it was ok. Plus Greek Adonis helped me out with some shoulder exercises with weights while I was running, well running is a bit of a stretch of the imagination, it was more like water bouncing. Not a pretty sight but as I said I did feel like I had a bit of a workout and I checked out the points value of running in the pool for 30 minutes and wait for it - you get 7 extra food points the same as riding on Shiny Bike yeah! Now I’m happy! Oh look at me talking about working out like I’m a pro ha! Changed days indeed.

Now what to do next? I don’t really think y’all want to read a blog every week if it’s just about my dull life so I was talking to my friend Kim after one margarita and a few tequila shots (they were for medicinal purposes) and she asked me to do the half marathon and I stupidly said yes! WTF was I thinking? But I can’t start training for 6 weeks till my leg is better so look out for the new running blog. Actually I’m more worried about this than I was riding 150 miles I seriously cannot run between lampposts but you know what,   I’m going to give it as much as I gave the MS150 and the best part is I’m not looking for any money!
I’ll still blog for the next few weeks since I really need your help with the old losing weight thing… Oh and a little update on that. I went back to weight watchers yesterday, I haven’t been there for 4 weeks since the ride and my parents were here, but I have not put on any weight, so still 34 off.  My plan for next week is to get in that pool every day and stick to the food plan 100% and hopefully it will be back to losing weight again.

Serious Bit…

This will probably be my last serious bit but I had to use this time to thank everyone for all the donations and the support I had before and especially during the ride to everyone who sent me texts and Facebook messages during the two days. They meant so much to me and helped me through the ride I could not have done it without you.

Thanks for reading see y’all next week love Iz x 

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